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District History Timeline Endnotes

The following are endnotes for the CHCCS District History Timeline.

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[2] Leloudis, James L. Schooling the New South, The University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1996. The concept of teaching students in groups divided into grades was a critical change promoted by the school reform movement that had begun in North Carolina in the 1880's. The Canada School, while not a public school, appeared to have adopted the reform principles when it opened in 1896. The school reform movement gained power statewide when it became tied to the white supremacy campaign of Charles Aycock who was elected Governor in 1901. The governor assuaged the fears of poor white voters by promising better education that would ensure that their children could pass literacy tests required for voting.

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The CHCCS District History timeline was compiled by Mia Day Burroughs with generous assistance from Michael McElreath, James Leloudis, Valerie Foushee, Marilyn Luby and Traci Davenport of the Chapel Hill Museum, Harry McKeon of the North Carolina Collection at UNC-CH, Jerry Cohen- Director of Bill Drafting of the N.C. General Assembly, Susan Worley, Doug Eyre, Patrick Winn, Stephanie Knott, Donna Wyatt, Robin Nucilli and Neil Pedersen.