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Long Range Plan for CHCCS 2013-2018 (LRP)

NEW: Please visit our Long Range Plan 2013-14 to 2017-18 website for a status update on on the district's road map.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools is pleased to introduce our new long-range plan. It will serve as our roadmap to excellence over the next five years. 

There is no individual or group who can ensure the success of this plan. Instead, it will require the focused effort of our entire community. We must all be committed to implementing its components and holding ourselves accountable.

The plan is flexible and adaptable to change. It is designed to guide our work in a manageable way and will be reviewed each year, soliciting suggestions for additions, deletions and revisions based on the current educational landscape.

You will notice this plan contains five goals accompanied by 28 strategies. Multiple criteria will be utilized to measure the success of each goal. A mid-year progress update will be provided to the Board in February, and a final report will be presented at the conclusion of the school year.

Please take a moment to look through the goals and strategies and become familiar with the direction in which our schools are headed. You can also view the implementation schedule. Do not hesitate to contact our Office of Community Relations (919-967-8211...ext.28227) if you ever have a question.

Thank you to our community for the amazing support throughout the years. We look forward to a very promising future for our children, our schools and our community.

Long Range Plan 2013-2018 CHCCS