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On December 2, 2013, a focused dialogue was held with elementary school parents and staff to explore various options for addressing capacity concerns at Glenwood Elementary School and the expansion of the Mandarin Dual Language program.  In January 2014, the Board requested that administration develop a long term plan.  Administration has developed two options for consideration.  These options have been shared with the focused dialogue participants for additional feedback and input.  The public may review and provide feedback on the two options.  Links to the options and a feedback form link are included below.  The two options will be presented and discussed at the June 5, 2014 Board of Education meeting.  No vote will be taken as the options will be presented on work session. The meeting begins at 7 PM and will be held at Chapel Hill High School in the auditorium.

This file contains the list of those who signed up to speak by 3:00 PM on June 5th. If you would still like to speak at the June 5th meeting, please sign up at the Board meeting.
Please click this link to sign up to speak at the June 5th Board meeting.
Your feedback on the two options can be submitted using this form link (Closes June 5, 2014).
This is a one page summary of the two options and recommendation to be presented at the June 5th Board meeting.
This is link to the abstract, report, and recommendations that will be discussed at the June 5th Board of Education Meeting.
These are responses to the two options presented in May 2014 from each school's focused dialogue participants.
This is a web link to the responses collected from observers at the December 2, 2013 Focus Dialogue.
This is a web link to the responses collected from each table group discussion on December 2, 2013.
This is a web link to the feedback, input, and takeaways submitted by each school on December 2, 2013.