Section 504 Parent Concerns

The board encourages the resolution of concerns and complaints whenever possible. To this end, the board has provided opportunities for students and parents to express their concerns through processes established in board policies. Board policy 1742/5060, Responding to Complaints, identifies these different processes and provides a mechanism for resolving complaints in an informal manner. The following steps could be utilized for sharing 504 concerns in an informal manner.

1. Speak to the school’s 504 coordinator to share your concerns.
2. Speak to the classroom teacher if the concern is related to the 504 classroom modifications.
3. Speak to the school administrator.
4. Contact Janet Cherry, Director of Systems of Care, x28287

While the board strongly encourages informal resolutions, the board recognizes that students and parents may want a more formal process for certain types of complaints or if the informal process did not produce satisfactory results. This policy provides a grievance procedure that can be used by following the formal steps outlined in the CHCCS District Responding to Complaints Policy (notice timelines).