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Core Secondary Math Curriculum & Pathways

Math Curriculum for High School

Math I - This page includes individual math modules and teacher notes for Math I standard and honors.

Math II - This page includes individual math modules and teacher notes for Math II standard and honors.

Math Help

CHCCS has put together a website with resources to help students with their math studies: 

Math Pathways

The secondary mathematics curriculum at CHCCS is aligned with college- and career-readiness expectations and includes rigorous content and application of knowledge through critical thinking for all students.  A focus on reasoning and sense-making, when developed in the context of building strong content, ensures that students can accurately carry out mathematical procedures, understand why those procedures work, and know how results might be used and interpreted.

With respect to secondary mathematics course pathways through students’ middle school and high school years, CHCCS has adopted a model of AP Calculus access for all

As a result, we have developed 3 core mathematics course pathways.

Standard Pathway 
In the standard pathway, middle school students progress through Math 6, 7, & 8, then on to Math I, II, and III in high school. In grade 12, the student’s 4th year math course can be selected based on his/her college or career goals. Fourth year course options include Honors Precalculus, AP Statistics, Advanced Functions and Modeling, or Discrete Math.
Honors Pathway 
In the honors pathway, middle school students progress through Math 6, 7, & 8, then move on to Math I in 9th grade.  At this juncture, students who are ready for more of a challenge would enroll in Honors Math II.  Follow the link to read CHCCS Honors Math Course guidelines and expectations. Rising juniors would make a decision about their next math course based on their target AP math course in their senior year.

Accelerated Honors Pathway 
For rising 6th graders whose previous performance data satisfies criteria for acceleration* we have the accelerated honors pathway. Acceleration in middle school is achieved by compressing four years of mathematics standards and expectations (Math 6, 7, 8 and Math I) into 3 years. This means that one-third more content standards are added to each of 3 years’ scope and sequence in grades 6, 7, and 8. In high school, the students may decide on an honors math pathway, or students may continue in an accelerated pathway to reach an AP Math course in their junior year.  

* Student performance data taken into consideration for math acceleration are student achievement on a combination of the following standardized, normed assessment measures:
  • NC DPI End of Grade Assessments (EOGs),
  • EVAAS projection for success in Math I.  EVAAS is a statistical program from SAS used in many districts in North Carolina and across the country.  EVAAS uses the past testing history of a student identify probability of success in Math I for that student. It is considered a strong predictor since multiple data points are used to make the projection.
  • Performance Series Assessment results