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    Gifted Education

    The mission of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) program is to challenge and nurture each of our advanced learners with differentiated educational experiences that will enable them to grow academically.

    The CHCCS Gifted Program serves advanced learners who perform or show the potential to achieve academically.  We believe students' abilities can be develop with hard work and dedication.  Every child deserves to have learning experiences that challenge them and move them forward.

    There are five service options in CHCCS to meet the needs of advanced learners.

    Talent Development
    The Talent Development services are provided for kindergarten and grade 1 students.  No nomination is needed for this service; all K-1 students will participate.  Talent Development seeks to encourage and develop students' critical thinking and problem solving skills.

    Academic Nurturing and Enrichment (NE)
    NE services are provided for grade 2-5 students who demonstrate the potential to achieve academically above  grade level.  Gifted Education Specialists (GES) collaborate with classroom teachers to provide rigorous, high level learning experiences to students.

    Gifted Education (GE)
    GE services are provided for students who demonstrate achievement in reading and/or math that often exceeds the expected level of performance at their grade level.  Gifted students are provided differentiated instruction and extension experiences based on demonstrated need.  Services are provided by the classroom teacher and supported by the Gifted Education Specialist (GES).  (Nominations grades 3-12)

    Highly Gifted Education (HGE)
    HGE services are provided for students who demonstrated achievement in reading or math consistently exceeds the expected grade-level performance before instruction.  Highly Gifted students are served by classroom teachers supported by the gifted specialist.  They receive specialized services in the area of need as described in their individual Differentiated Education Plan (IDEP).  (Nominations Grades 3-12)

    Learning Environment for Advanced Programming (LEAP)
    LEAP is provided for select students who have demonstrated profound learning needs, consistently two grade levels above their own, necessitating a setting different from their grade-level classroom.  LEAP is a district level program housed in district-designated schools.  This is provided for qualifying students in grades 4-8.  Gifted certified teachers serve these students in self-contained classrooms.  (Nominations grades 3-7 for services the following school year.)

    The referral (nomination) process is ongoing in grades 2-12.  Students are nominated by school screening, parents, community members, or self-nomination (older students).

    School Screening
    Classroom teachers and/or the GES use school-administered assessments including a standardized aptitude test at grade 3, EOG test results (grades 4-8) and a variety of school-based achievement measures to determine whether a student demonstrates a need for gifted services.  Parents are notified and given the option to pursue further assessment for gifted services.

    Parent, Community Member, Self-nomination 
    Parents and/or other members within the community may nominate a child based on qualifying aptitude and/or achievement tests, a student portfolio or identification in a previous school district.  Nomination forms can be obtained below or from the Gifted Education Specialist at your child's school.

    The Gifted Education, Highly Gifted Education and LEAP nomination deadline is January 30, 2015.  Nomination forms and more specific information about all gifted opportunities are available below.  Please refer to the available information and documents before submitting nominations.

    Elementary School     English  |  Spanish
    For Academic Nurturing, Enrichment/Gifted Education and LEAP Services

    Middle School 
         English  |  Spanish
    For Gifted Education Services and LEAP

    High School 
         English   |  Spanish
    For Gifted Education Service, grades 9-12


    For more information read The Parent Guide to Gifted Education in CHCCS or:

    ·         Contact the Gifted Education Specialist at your child’s school.

    ·         Contact your child’s Classroom or Team Teacher.

    ·         Contact your child’s School Administrator.

    ·         Use the “Contact Us” link at http://www.chccs.k12.nc.us/groups/gifted-education

    ·         Contact the Coordinator of Gifted Programs chouse@chccs.k12.nc.us

    Contact Gifted Education


    Third Grade Reading Performance Assessment Update

    LEAP Q & A - Updated May 2015

    Updated May 2015 LEAP Qualifying and Considered Scores 2014-2015

    Third Grade: 

    • must have 2 of the 3 scores as specified for "guaranteed" placement
    • for the third score, consideration for the following: a) CogAT = 97th percentile OR b) Math - 90th percentile OR c) Reading - 90th percentile
    Fourth - Seventh Grade: 

    • CogAT may go as low as the 97th, if achievement in reading and math meets the guaranteed level (99 on two scores in one subject /at least 95 on two scores in the other)
    • If CogAT = 99 then math and reading may be in one of the following combinations (in every case, students must have 2 scores in each subject at or above the specified

              1) 99 in one subject /94 in the other
              2) 98 in one subject/ 98 in the other
              3) 98 in one subject/ 97 in the other
              4) 98 in one subject/ 96 in the other
              5) 98 in one subject/ 95 in the other


    M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm

    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, June 11 

    LEAP Assessments
    Administered to New-to-District nominees.

    Friday, June 12 

    LEAP Assessments
    Administered to New-to-District nominees.

    Monday, June 15 

    New-to District LEAP Results
    Parents notified of LEAP results by email during this week.

    Monday, June 22 

    LEAP Placement Response
    New-to-District parents must accept/decline placement in LEAP for 2015-2016.
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    Contact Information

    Susan Brandt sbrandt@chccs.k12.nc.us
    Secretary - AVID/Gifted Services, School Leadership, Instructional Services
    Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
    Camille House chouse@chccs.k12.nc.us
    Coordinator, Gifted Education, Instructional Services
    Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools