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Frequently Asked Questions for Transportation

Who is authorized to use School bus transportation?

  • Children who reside one and a half or more miles from their school of assignment.
  • Special Needs Children when required by the IEP as a related service. These children may ride a regular bus or, if required, a bus with an monitor.
  • Children who reside in a hazardous area due to local traffic or street conditions that would put them at risk of injury if they were to walk to school. Examples include four lane streets or major traffic arteries (not residential streets) with no traffic controls or no crossing guards in the case of elementary students, railroad tracks, etc.

How are the locations of bus stops determined?

Stops are generally placed to facilitate clusters of students.

Where does the Transportation Department get the official bus time?

The official U.S. time clock

Will the bus leave the stop without my child if she/he is not waiting at the bus stop location?

Yes! The student must be waiting at his/her stop.

What are my options if my child misses the bus in the morning due to no fault of his/her own?

Call the Transportation Department at 919-942-5045.

What is the maximum distance a student can walk to a bus stop allowed by law?

State law says that 1 mile is the maximum allowable walking distance.

What happens if my child breaks the bus rules?

Consequences for inappropriate behavior on the bus depend upon the infraction. Consequences may range from driver/student conference, change of seating, to removal from the bus. In situations where the infraction is significant, drivers will write disciplinary referrals to the appropriate grade level administrator. Depending upon the circumstances or severity not all violations begin with a warning.

What are the consequences of violating bus safety and conduct rules?

  • First written report: Warning, Call to Parents
  • Second written report: Five day suspension of riding privileges.
  • Third written report: Ten day suspension of riding privileges.
  • Fourth written report: Loss of bus service for the remainder of the year.

What is the appeals process for parents who question consequences given to their child for inappropriate behavior on the bus?

The school principal or assistant principal handles all student discipline once a written report has been made.