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How to Become a Volunteer

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Review Opportunities
Begin by reviewing the kinds of volunteer opportunities that we provide.  Based on your interests/background/availability, determine which of our programs best suits you. Take note of opportunities that interest you in preparation for your interview with a volunteer office staff member. 

2. Sign-Up
After exploring volunteer opportunities, if you wish to become a volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Registration form.

3. Personal Interview with Volunteer Staff
For the safety of our students, policy dictates we meet potential volunteers face-to-face before they are allowed to work in our schools. There are several opportunities each semester to meet our office staff during our UNC On-Campus Registration and Drop-In-Days. The registration and orientation process generally takes only 15-20 minutes if you have already registered online.

UNC Students should visit us on campus during one of the days indicated below to register, receive orientation and placement.

125 W Main St.
Carrboro, NC 27510

4. Sign up for training, if required
The following placements require training sessions:
  • ESL Partners
  • School Reading Partners (SRP)
  • Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocates (BRMA) - Mentors
  • Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocates - Tutors
  • AVID Tutors
You can sign up for training before you have had your face-to-face interview with us.

Training Registration Schedule - Sign up Early!
We recruit and train volunteers for some of our programs early in each semester, usually in September and January. Therefore, you will want to register for programs that require training early in the semester. 

UNC students must register prior to the 3rd week in September / January for each semester.